short blog postings on various subjects at force of circumstance

    see also https://bristol.academia.edu/DominicLash

    forthcoming October 2024
    by Bloomsbury Academic
    Gilles Deleuze and Film Criticism: Philosophy, Theory, and the Individual Film
    co-edited with Hoi Lun Law
    published August 2023
    by Palgrave Macmillan

    published February 2022
    by Bloomsbury Academic
    published September 2020 
     by Edinburgh University Press

    "Druids Fielding Questions: Eva-Maria Houben, 
    Emily Dickinson and Charles Ives", 
    edited by Will Montgomery (Royal Holloway) 
    and Stephen Benson (UEA) 
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    "Distance Listening: Musical Anachronism in Stanley Kubrick's Barry Lyndon", Cinergie – Il cinema e le altre arti 12 (2017), pp. 83-93 

    "Film as Film in the twenty-first century: the function and evaluation of diegesis and disruption", Screen 58: 2 (2017), pp. 163-179

    "after #[unassigned]: an interview with James Saunders", Tempo 70: 276 (2016), pp.5-21

    "Intransigent play: detail, form and interpretation in the music of Derek Bailey", in Sam Ladkin, Robin McKay and Emile Bojesen, eds., Against Value in the Arts and Education (Rowman & Littlefield International, May 2016)

    "The Loneliness of the Nearly Inaudible Bass Player: A Performer's Reflections" at Music and Literature (March 2016)

    notes on my composition for four in
    Wolf Notes #8 (May 2015)

    "Memorable" in Surround, issue 3 (February 2015)

    "The Colour of Music" in Jürg Frey: Werkbetrachtungen – Reflexionen – Gespräche
    Reihe Wandelweiser Band 3 (2013)

    liner notes to Sarah Hughes, Accidents of Matter and Space (Suppadaneum CD, 2012)

    "Inconclusive Paragraphs on Metonymy, Monochromaticism, Materialism"
    Wolf Notes #3 (February 2012) 

    "Derek Bailey's Practice/Practise"
    Perspectives of New Music Vol. 49, No. 1 (Winter 2011)

    Every Day is A Good Day, John Cage exhibition, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art
    guest review at The Watchful Ear (24th July 2010)

    Incidental Music at Cafe Oto
    guest review at The Watchful Ear (25th April 2010)

    PhD thesis on the work of JH Prynne, Derek Bailey and Helmut Lachenmann
    Brunel University, 2010

    Derek Bailey and the linguistic metaphor (2006)
    [the interview with poet Peter Riley I conducted as research for this piece is also online.]

    brief thoughts on Cecil Taylor's dialectical detail (2005)

    Improvisation: Before, During and After
    thesis written as part of MA Composition, Oxford Brookes University (2003); delivered as a paper on 22nd October 2004 at SOAS, London, as part of the study day Improvisation in Musical Performance