Consorts is an ensemble formed in 2013 to explore the possibilities of combining sustained-tone music and improvisation (both guided and free). Compositions are written for specific musicians but the membership of the ensemble will be flexible from composition to composition.


Marella Moulting (2013) for DL (contrabass), Angharad Davies (violin), Tom Jackson (Bb and bass clarinets), Benedict Taylor (viola), Nick Malcom (trumpet), Hannah Marshall ('cello), Alex Ward (Bb clarinet); duration 30' - 40'

Nectocaric (2014) for the same forces; duration 20' - 30'

previous performances

19th November 2013 - Marella Moulting, Cafe Oto Project Space, Hackney, London
16th October 2014 - Marella Moulting & Nectocaric, Hundred Years Gallery, London
17th October 2014 - Marella Moulting & Nectocaric, Bang the Bore, Cafe Kino, Bristol