spoonhunt 001 - for four  (Dominic Lash)
performed by Kate Lash, Dominic Lash, Tim Parkinson and Stefan Thut

spoonhunt 002 - riesenfalter  (Dominic Lash and David Stent)
two studio creations and two simultaneous improvisations an ocean apart

spoonhunt 003 - hamburg meeting  (Lash Maierhof Ulher)
improvisations recorded at the first meeting of
Dominic Lash (double bass), Michael Maierhof (cello) and Birgit Ulher (trumpet)

spoonhunt 004 - pep whit  (Chispas)
a jazz-rock noise made at the second performance by Dominic Lash (electric bass), 
Steve Noble (drums), Ricardo Tejero (alto saxophone) and Alex Ward (electric guitar)

spoonhunt 005 - four compositions, 2011-2015
four compositions by Dominic Lash, featuring DL with Stefan Thut (cello), Seth Cooke (percussion), Bruno Guastalla (cello), Sarah Hughes (zither), Luke Nickel (flute), Tim Parkinson (melodica, paper), James Saunders (guitar), David Stent (guitar), Christopher Cundy (contrabass clarinet), Angharad Davies (violin)

spoonhunt 006 - trapese  (Walter Lash Ward)
improvisations by Dominic Lash (double bass), Weasel Walter (drums) and Alex Ward (clarinet)

spoonhunt 007 - Bristol meeting (Hackett &/or Lash)
improvisations and a studio construction by Martin Hackett and Dominic Lash