"an essential addition to the improv canon"
Mr Olivetti, freq
 "With execution as accomplished and wide ranging as the conception, this is the [Dominic Lash Quartet's] definitive statement to date."
John Eyles, All About Jazz
"Lash's orchestral approach is inspired, with a focus on particular combinations of voices - bowed strings, bass clarinet, mysterious amplified scritches at one point, fluttering electronics and braying baritone saxophones at another - while the combined mass of the full ensemble looms in and out of view."
Stewart Smith, The Wire 
"The group pings from idea to idea like a gang of Adderall-fuelled teen geniuses... Lash creaks and sighs like a becalmed galleon... Lash deftly guides this large group through a thick cloud of low-end drones and harmonics that moves with implacable calm towards a conclusion that's both inevitable and highly satisfying"
Daniel Spicer, Jazzwise 
"A lovely stream of noisy sounds" 
Dolf Mulder, Vital Weekly
"... an ideal 'primer’ for anyone interested in exploring the shores 
and shoals of free improv. Or providing confirmation, for more seasoned 
sea salts, that the ship remains in the safe hands of younger crew members."  
"... a beautiful tease ... first-rate group improvisation" 
John Eyles, All About Jazz
"... le Quartet navigue entre les eaux mouvementées d'un jazz aventureux « swinguant » aux métriques étudiées, de la guitare électrique acide et provocatrice alternant fulgurances free et riffs rock saturés, du sax alto tressautant et tournoyant avec dérapages contrôlés et des pulsations rebondissantes d’un drumming aussi dynamique que minimaliste, mais aussi des compositions précieuses, aériennes, toutes en nuances. ... Une belle expérience qui démontre... le degré d'implication collective des improvisateurs britanniques par delà générations, sexes, pratiques, affiliations esthétiques ou organisationnelles. ... Les idées voltigent, meurent, des dialogues s'affirment un instant et s'évaporent." 
Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg, Orynx-improv'andsounds

["... the Quartet navigates between the turbulent waters of an adventurous "swinging" jazz with studied metrics, acid and provocative electric guitar alternating free flashes of light with heavy rock riffs, twitching and whirling alto sax with controlled skids and the bouncing pulsations of a drumming as dynamic as it is minimalist, but also precise, airy compositions, full of nuances. ... A beautiful experience that demonstrates ... the degree of collective involvement of British improvisers across generations, sexes, practices, aesthetic and organizational affiliations. ... Ideas flutter and die, dialogues assert themselves for a moment and then evaporate."]
"Lash has done a good thing here." 
Sammy Stein, Free Jazz Blog
Spoonhunt CD004 - Dominic Lash / Pat Thomas, New Oxford Brevity
Dominic Lash - electric guitar
Pat Thomas - piano

recorded 25th October 2021
St Anne's College, Oxford, by Bruno Guastalla
mixed and mastered by Dominic Lash
design by Matthew Grigg
Spoonhunt CD003 - Butcher / Lash / Russell / Sanders, discernment
for John Russell (1954-2021)

John Butcher - tenor and soprano saxophones
Dominic Lash - double bass
John Russell - guitar
Mark Sanders - drums and percussion

recorded live at Café Oto, London,
on 13th January 2020, by Shaun Crook
mastered by John Butcher 
Spoonhunt CD002 - Consorts, distinctions 
Douglas Benford - harmonium and percussion
Steve Beresford - electronics
Marjolaine Charbin - piano
Chris Cundy - bass clarinet
Seth Cooke - steel sink and metal detector
Angharad Davies - viola
Phil Durrant - modular synth
Matthew Grigg - guitar/amplifier
Bruno Guastalla - cello
Martin Hackett - Korg MS10
Tim Hill - baritone saxophone
Tina Hitchens - flute
Sarah Hughes - zither
Mark Langford - bass clarinet
Dominic Lash - double bass
Yvonna Magda - violin
Hannah Marshall - cello
Helen Papaioannou - baritone saxophone
Yoni Silver - bass clarinet
Alex Ward - clarinet/amplifier

Shaun Crook – live sound

recorded live at Café Oto, London,
on 13th January 2020, by Shaun Crook

mixed by Dominic Lash
mastered by Phil Julian

liner notes by David Grundy 

Spoonhunt CD001 - Dominic Lash Quartet, limulus
Javier Carmona - drums and percussion
Dominic Lash - double bass
Ricardo Tejero - alto saxophone
Alex Ward - electric guitar

recorded live at Café Oto, London,
on 14th January 2019, by Shaun Crook
edited, mixed, and mastered by Alex Ward

liner notes by Alexander Hawkins

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