solo bass repertoire

in addition to a number of improvised solo performances (see for example this and this and the list of published solo improvisations below), I have played a number of compositions for solo contrabass, a significant number of which were either written for or given their first performances by myself

unaccompanied contrabass

Beuger, Antoine calme étendue (1996) [gave world premiere (12th August 2010, New York)]
(a recording of this piece is part of the radio wandelweiser program, so it might turn up if you listen long enough)
Frey, Jürg accurate placement [written for DL; gave world premiere (25th November 2015, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival)]
Glover, Richard an imperfect harmony (2013) [gave world premiere (28th February 2013, Oxford) and made first recording - Another Timbre at66 CD]
Houben, Eva-Maria nachtstück (2007) [first performance (13th June 2010, Oxford) & recording of 4-string version - Another Timbre at45 CD]
Lely, John the harmonics of real strings (2006)
Pisaro, Michael mind is moving IV (1996) [gave world premiere (8th January 2011, Glasgow)]
Radigue, Eliane Occam XVII (2013-15) [developed in collaboration with the composer] 
Ullmann, Jakob solo IV (2013-14) [double bass version] 
Tenney, James BEAST (1971)
Werder, Manfred kontrabass 1997 (1997) [gave UK premiere (8th January 2011, Glasgow)]

with prerecorded materials

Cage, John Fontana Mix (1958) [available from Curate's Egg here]
Malfatti, Radu café oto 1 (2009) [gave world premiere (17th May 2009, London) and made first recording - b-boim 022 CD]
Niblock, Phill twelve tones (1977)
Saunders, James assigned #12 (2009); overlay (1) (2012) [made first recording - to be released on Rhizome.s in late 2015, alongside music by Manfred Werder]

 published solo improvised contrabass work

Real As Any Place You've Ever Been (2013) - listen, buy CD or download from Every Contact Leaves A Trace with Will Montgomery's Thames Water Live here