see also spoonhunt
Christoph Gallio / Dominic Lash / Mark Sanders
Live at Cafe Oto London
[recorded 2022]

  Dominic Lash / Ståle Liavik Solberg

Hey Kje



[recorded 2022]

John Butcher / Dominic Lash / Emil Karlsen
Here and How
[recorded 2022]

John Butcher / Pat Thomas / Dominic Lash / Steve Noble
(recorded 2021)

Ed Jones / Dominic Lash / Mark Wastell
Meditating with the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
Matthew Grigg / Martin Hackett / Dominic Lash
[recorded 2018]
Dominic Lash / Rachel Musson / Phil Durrant / Steve Noble
[recorded 2022] 
Matthew Grigg / Dominic Lash / Mark Langford 
Parting the Air
[recorded 2020]
Alan Wilkinson / Andrew Cheetham / Matthew Grigg /
Dominic Lash
[recorded 2017]

John Butcher / Angharad Davies / Matt Davis\
Dominic Lash / Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga
[recorded 2017]
Dominic Lash / Pat Thomas
New Oxford Brevity
[recorded 2021]
Dominic Lash / Alex Ward
[recorded 2020]
John Russell / John Butcher / Dominic Lash
But everything now left before it arrived
[recorded 2010] 
Phil Gibbs, Dominic Lash, Jean-Michel van Schouwberg
Overlapping Layers
[Intrication TRI004]
[recorded 2019] 
Pat Thomas & The Locals
 play the music of Anthony Braxton
[recorded 2006]
Dominic Lash

Cristián Alvear / Dominic Lash
three drops of rain / east wind / ocean 
by Antoine Beuger 
[recorded 2015]
The Seen
For Sake of Joy of Study of Oneself Together
Jennifer Allum : violin 
Douglas Benford : objects 
Harry Broadbent : rhodes piano
Bertrand Denzler : tenor saxophone
Phil Durrant : modular synth 
Phil Julian : electronics 
Dominic Lash : double bass 
Stewart Lee : narration
Graham McKeachan : double bass 
Mark Wastell : tam tam, harmonium 
[recorded 4/12/2017]
Keune / Lash / Noble  
And Now
[recorded 22/01/2020]  

Matt Davis / Dominic Lash / Matthew Grigg
[recorded 7/10/2017] 

(Pat Thomas / Dominic Lash / Tony Orrell)
[recorded 25/2/2018]

Terry Day / Dominic Lash / Alex Ward
Midnight and Below
[recorded 28/11/2015]

 Valid Tractor
(Lawrence Casserley / Dominic Lash / Pat Thomas)
On the Validity of Tractors
[FMR CD515] 
 [recorded 3/7/2013]

The Seen
Priest's House
Adrian Newton / electronics
Tom Cleverly / guitar, trumpet
Paul Allen / drums, percussion
Stuart Riddle / soprano saxophone, electronics
Seth Cooke / resonator
Dominic Lash / double bass
Mark Wastell / tam tam 
[recorded 21/9/18]

Ensemble Grizzana
Early to Late
Jürg Frey (clarinet & composition), Magnus Granberg 
(celesta, harmonica, stones & composition), Angharad 
Davies & Mira Benjamin (violins), Anton Lukoszevieze 
(cello), Dominic Lash (double bass), John Lely (electronics, 
harmonica & stones), Richard Craig (flute & 
electronics), Philip Thomas (piano), Simon Allen 
(dulcimer & glass harp), Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga 
(zither & electronics)
[recorded November 2017]

Mark Wastell's The Seen
(Jennifer Allum, Douglas Benford, Harry Broadbent, Bertrand Denzler, Phil Durrant, Phil Julian, Dominic Lash, Stewart Lee, Graham McKeachan, Mark Wastell)
Dominic Lash and Seth Cooke

(John Butcher, Dominic Lash, John Russell, Ståle Liavik Solberg)
Into Darkness
[recorded 18/12/2015]

The Holy Quintet
(Johnny Chang, Jamie Drouin, DL, 
Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga, David Ryan)
[recorded 15/2/2013]
Mark Wastell's The Seen
ARCHIVE : VOLUMES I - V : 2005 to 2009
(Mark Langford / Dominic Lash / Roger Telford)
Angel Pavement
(Elisabeth Harnik / Dominic Lash / Fay Victor)
New York - St. Johann
 [Evil Rabbit Records]


Dominic Lash Quartet

(Axel Doerner, Dominic Lash, Roger Turner)
Uncanny Valley
sirene 1009
(Han-Earl Park, Dominic Lash, Mark Sanders, Caroline Pugh)

(recorded 26 March 2015)

 Chris Cundy
Gustav Lost
Antoine Chessex | Apartment House | Jérôme Noetinger
[Bocian Records BC-AAJ]
[on one track, Plastic Concrete, recorded 28/2/14]

Angharad Davies / Dominic Lash

Radu Malfatti
Cristián Alvear & Dominic Lash
[b'boim 31]

Dominic Lash
with Patrick Farmer and Tim Feeney

Josh Sinton / Dominic Lash
Signal Gain
(with Ingrid Laubrock, Nate Wooley,
Kyoto Kitamura & Alex Ward)
recorded October 2011 (2015)

Dominic Lash / Alex Ward
recorded March 2014 (2015)

Mark Wastell
(Olie Brice, Dominic Lash, Mark Wastell, Alan Wilkinson)
recorded April 2015 (2015)

Dominic Lash & Seth Cooke
recorded February 2015 (2015)

Han-Earl Park, Dominic Lash, Corey Mwamba
A Little Brittle Music
recorded May 2015 (2015) 

The Set Ensemble
(Patrick Farmer, Bruno Guastalla, Sarah Hughes,
Dominic Lash, Samuel Rodgers,
David Stent, Paul Whitty)
recorded July 2013 (2015)

 The Convergence Quartet
Owl Jacket
[No Business NBLP 84 LP]
 recorded October 2013 (2015)
Stefan Keune, Dominic Lash, Steve Noble
 [No Business NBLP 83 LP]
recorded November 2013 (2015)


  Jason Kahn, Patrick Farmer, Sarah Hughes, Dominic Lash
Untitled for four


Seth Cooke / Dominic Lash - PACT [1000 füssler]
3" CD
Ryoko Akama / Bruno Duplant / Dominic Lash
next to nothing
[Another Timbre at79 CD]
Dominic Lash - Real As Any Place You've Been 
[Every Contact Leaves A Trace]
solo double bass (2013)
(b/w Will Montgomery, "Thames Water Live")

 Predicate - Nails [Gaffer Records]
 Alex Ward, Tim Hill, Dominic Lash, Mark Sanders (2013)
CD and paid download

Dominic Lash Quartet - Opabinia [Babel]
Dominic Lash, Javier Carmona, Alexander Hawkins, Ricardo Tejero
 CD, paid download or free streaming (2013)

Antoine Beuger - Cantor Quartets
performed by Jürg Frey, Sarah Hughes, Dominic Lash, Radu Malfatti
[Another Timbre double CD - at62x2]
recorded June 2012 (2013)

THF Drenching, Dominic Lash, David Stent - Vegetable Socket
recorded 4/4/2009  
digital album (2013)
available for download - name your price


 Dominic Lash & Ricardo Tejero - Southville, Summer
[Clamshell CD - CR11]
recorded 16th & 17th August 2012 (2013)

Just Not Cricket [Ni-Vu-Ni-Connu ‎– nvnc-lp001/004]
DL on  three tracks with Tom Arthurs, Tony Bevan, Gail Brand, Rhodri Davies, John Edwards, Shabaka Hutchings and Alex Ward
4 LP box set, recorded Berlin October 2011 (2013) 

Convergence Quartet - Slow and Steady [NoBusiness NBCD53]
recorded 13th November 2011 (2013)

Pat Thomas, Dominic Lash, Mark Sanders - Skip [FMRCD350-0113]

Wandelweiser Und So Weiter [Another Timbre at56x6]
DL on seven tracks, with the Set Ensemble and others
compositions by Jürg Frey, Michael Pisaro, Sam Sfirri, Stefan Thut and Anett Németh
includes the DL composition For Five, and a roundtable discussion between Antoine Beuger, DL, Michael Pisaro and Philip Thomas
6 CD box set (2012)

Denman Maroney & Dominic Lash - All Strung Out
[Kadima Collective KCR 35]
recorded 17th October 2011 (2012)

s'approcher s'éloigner s'absenter [Erstwhile ErstLive 009]
Barry Chabala, Dominic Lash, Ben Owen
composition by Antoine Beuger
recorded 1st September 2011 at the Stone, NYC (2012)


 Tony-Joe Bucklash [Foghorn FOGCD016]
Tony Bevan, Tony Buck, Joe Morris, Dominic Lash
 recorded 1st November 2009 (2012)

Chris Cundy & Dominic Lash - Two Plump Daughters
[Creative Sources CD cs204] (2012)

Gannets - Transmissions of Not [Babel LP/CD/download]
Chris Cundy, Fyfe Dangerfield, Dominic Lash, Steve Noble, Alex Ward

Predicate - Predicate [FMR Records, FMR CD318]
Alex Ward, Tim Hill, Dominic Lash, Mark Sanders (2012)


 C Joynes - Congo [Bo'Weavil Recordings ‎– WEAVIL46] (2012)

Alexander Hawkins Ensemble - All There, Ever Out
[Babel CD/download] (2011)

Droplets [Another Timbre at45 CD]
with Patrick Farmer and Sarah Hughes
compositions by Eva-Maria Houben and Taylan Susam
recorded 11/09/2010 & 30/01/11 (2011)

London Improvisers Orchestra - Lio Leo Leon [Psi Records psi11.04]
with guests Leon Michener and Ishmael Wadada Leo Smith
recorded 5/2/2010 (2011)

Ingrid Laubrock, Dominic Lash, Federico Reuben
Orwell Fragments [squib-box]
recorded 14/6/2011
digital album (2011)
available for download - name your price
Dominic Lash, Nate Wooley
Live on WFMU's The Long Rally with Scott McDowell
recorded 29/4/2011
digital album (2011)
free streaming or download here


v-p v-f is v-n [Winds Measure cassette wm20]
two one-minute solo pieces on compilation cassette (2010)

Michael Pisaro - fields have ears [Another Timbre at37]
on one track as part of 14-player realisaton of "fields have ears 4"
recorded 10/9/2010 (2010)

Pat Thomas - 4 Compositions for Orchestra
[FMR Records, FMRCD293-0810]
with the Oxford Improvisers Orchestra
recorded 27/10/2007 (2010)

Radu Malfatti - Cafe Oto 1 [b-boim records 022]
Dominic Lash, contrabass; Radu Malfatti, composition & sinewaves
recorded 29/3/2010 (2010)

Tony Bevan, Paul Obermayer, Phil Marks, Dominic Lash - A Big Hand [Foghorn Records FOGCD012] recorded 14-15/8/2009 (2010)

Convergence Quartet - Song/Dance [Clean Feed CF187CD]
recorded 4/5/2009 (2010)

Patrick Farmer & Dominic Lash - Bestiaries [Cathnor Recordings Cath010]
recorded 24/1/2008 (2010)

Roland Ramanan Tentet - London [Leo Records LR 556]
Roland Ramanan, Javier Carmona, Robert Jarvis,
Dominic Lash, Tony Marsh, Marcio Mattos, Simon Rose,
Ian Smith, Ricardo Tejero, Alex Ward 
recorded 14/6/2008 (2010)

Alexander Hawkins Ensemble - No Now Is So, FMR CD 270-0209
Alexander Hawkins, Javier Carmona, Otto Fischer,
Dominic Lash, Hannah Marshall, Orphy Robinson

split 3" CD release with Rhodri Davies [Compost and Height, C&H007]
"Five Knots" (Davies); "Assay" (Lash)

Tony Bevan, Chris Corsano, Dominic Lash - Monster Club
[Forghorn Records FGCD010]
recorded 6/7/2008 (2008)


London Improvisers Orchestra & Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra - Separately & Together
[Emanem Records 4219]
2 CD set, recorded 6/5/2007 (2008)


Barkingside - Barkingside [Emanem Records 4147]
Alexander Hawkins, Dominic Lash, Paul May, Alex Ward
recorded 26/9/06 & 7/5/07 (2008)

The Imaginary String Trio - Imaginary Trio [Bead Records CD08SP]
Bruno Guastalla, Dominic Lash, Philipp Wachsmann
recorded 5/12/2005 at The White House Studio (2007)

Convergence Quartet - Live In Oxford - [FMRCD223-0307]
Taylor Ho Bynum, Harris Eisenstadt, Alexander Hawkins, Dominic Lash
recorded 11/11/06 (2007) 

Tongues of Fire - Smokin' Jo Crow + Washerwomans Brawl
7" vinyl single, recorded Jan 2006, on Nanny Tango records (2007)

Oxford Improvising Orchestra - Accession - a piece of Europe [NMR 003 CDR]
recorded 17/11/2005, mastered by Pete McPhail (2006)

Grazing [Pie 001 CDR, numbered edition of 100]
recorded 24/1/2006 by Bruno Guastalla, mastered by Pete McPhail
duo with Bruno Guastalla (cello)

Hadaly - Hyenas in the Cosmos - [NMR 002 CDR]
recorded 5/1 & 7/1/2004 by Tim Fletcher

Oxford Improvisers - An Oxford Improvisers Sampler - [NMR 001 CDR]
on various tracks (recorded 2004)

Hadaly - Hadaly (self-released CDR)
recorded 19/3, 10/5 & 15/5/2003 by the band)
with David Stent (guitar) and Malcolm Atkins (violin)

see also spoonhunt