Consorts is a flexible ensemble formed in 2013 to explore the possibilities of combining sustained-tone music, improvisation (both guided and free), and the relationship between acoustic and amplified sound.


Marella Moulting (2013) for DL (contrabass), Angharad Davies (violin), Tom Jackson (Bb and bass clarinets), Benedict Taylor (viola), Nick Malcom (trumpet), Hannah Marshall ('cello), Alex Ward (Bb clarinet); duration 30' - 40'

Nectocaric (2014) for the same forces; duration 20' - 30' 

distinction (2017)

[first performed by Consorts West with Matt Davis and Nick Malcolm (trumpets), Tim Hill and Helen Pappaioannou (baritone saxophones), Seth Cooke (electronics), Matthew Grigg (guitar and amplifier) and Dan Bennett (live sound)]

distinctions (2019)

[first performed 13/1/2020 by:

Douglas Benford – harmonium and percussion
Steve Beresford – electronics
Marjolaine Charbin – piano
Chris Cundy – bass clarinet
Seth Cooke – steel sink and metal detector
Angharad Davies – viola
Phil Durrant – modular synth
Matthew Grigg – guitar/amplifier
Bruno Guastalla – cello
Martin Hackett – Korg MS10
Dominic Lash – double bass
Tim Hill – baritone saxophone
Tina Hitchens - flute
Sarah Hughes – zither
Mark Langford – bass clarinet
Yvonna Magda – violin
Hannah Marshall – cello
Helen Papaioannou – baritone saxophone
Yoni Silver – bass clarinet
Alex Ward – clarinet/amplifier
Shaun Crook – live sound]

previous performances

19th November 2013 - Marella Moulting, Cafe Oto Project Space, Hackney, London
16th October 2014 - Marella Moulting & Nectocaric, Hundred Years Gallery, London
17th October 2014 - Marella Moulting & Nectocaric, Bang the Bore, Cafe Kino, Bristol
12th October 2017 - distinction, St. Paul's Southville, Bristol
13th January 2020 - distinctions, Café Oto, London