Spoonhunt CDs are here!

The first CDs are now available on my Spoonhunt label!
Spoonhunt CD001 - Dominic Lash Quartet, limulus
Javier Carmona - drums and percussion
Dominic Lash - double bass
Ricardo Tejero - alto saxophone
Alex Ward - electric guitar

recorded live at Café Oto, London,
on 14th January 2019, by Shaun Crook
edited, mixed, and mastered by Alex Ward

liner notes by Alexander Hawkins 
Spoonhunt CD002 - Consorts, distinctions 
Douglas Benford - harmonium and percussion
Steve Beresford - electronics
Marjolaine Charbin - piano
Chris Cundy - bass clarinet
Seth Cooke - steel sink and metal detector
Angharad Davies - viola
Phil Durrant - modular synth
Matthew Grigg - guitar/amplifier
Bruno Guastalla - cello
Martin Hackett - Korg MS10
Tim Hill - baritone saxophone
Tina Hitchens - flute
Sarah Hughes - zither
Mark Langford - bass clarinet
Dominic Lash - double bass
Yvonna Magda - violin
Hannah Marshall - cello
Helen Papaioannou - baritone saxophone
Yoni Silver - bass clarinet
Alex Ward - clarinet/amplifier

Shaun Crook – live sound

recorded live at Café Oto, London,
on 13th January 2020, by Shaun Crook

mixed by Dominic Lash
mastered by Phil Julian

liner notes by David Grundy 
Spoonhunt CD003 - Butcher / Lash / Russell / Sanders, discernment
for John Russell (1954-2021)

John Butcher - tenor and soprano saxophones
Dominic Lash - double bass
John Russell - guitar
Mark Sanders - drums and percussion

recorded live at Café Oto, London,
on 13th January 2020, by Shaun Crook
mastered by John Butcher 
All music recorded live at Cafe Oto, London, by Shaun Crook. Graphic design by Matthew Grigg.  

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also recently released

(overdubbed improvisations on double bass and electric guitar)
 on Café Oto's Takuroku label

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Also announcing the new archLive series of archive recordings, which will be added roughly monthly. 

The first three releases are:

pent - Stephen Grew / Bruno Guastalla / Dominic Lash / Evan Parker / Philipp Wachsmann

live in Berlin - Dominic Lash / Richard Barrett / Matthias Müller 

local - Dominic Lash / Joe Morris / Nate Wooley